We offer our private clients assistance, advice and services in an extensive range of areas and prepare agreements tailored to their ongoing or occasional requirements in the following traditional areas.
Owing to our structure, we are able to provide our clients with a combination of specialist, complementary services enabling them to receive personalised advice on their various projects, thanks to the close working relationship between our Firm’s different departments :
Our private real estate and financing department can help and advise you from the moment you decide to make a purchase or sale and will, if necessary, put you in contact with our real estate valuation and negotiation department, to help finalise your project.
Our family estate law department can advise and help you with major events in your life (family circumstances, organisation and transfer of property). Our private real estate and financing department and family estate law department can offer advice and assistance in order to assess and carry out purchases, by assessing whether it is advisable to set up a non-commercial company or make a gift prior to a sale and in connection with the arrival of a child, or to invest the proceeds of a sale, by putting you in touch with our specialist contacts where necessary.
Similarly, our private real estate and financing department will then be able to deal with the sale of inherited property.
Our specialists are at your disposal to provide you with advice in each area of expertise, thus offering you an overall vision of your real estate projects.