Dozens of notaries and lawyers at your disposal. Complementarity of structured teams in eight specialized poles
Quality of services and customer satisfaction

We assist our institutional clients throughout their projects

We offer our institutional clients assistance, advice and services in an extensive range of areas and prepare agreements tailored to their ongoing or occasional business requirements:
  • Institutional real estate
  • Property development and split sales
  • Banking and finance law
  • Commercial and company law

Helping our clients at important stages of their lives

We can assist you by arranging for specialists in our various areas of work to advise you, thus giving you an overall vision of your transactions:
  • Family law
  • Wealth management
  • Private international law
  • Real estate and financing
  • Real estate valuation and negotiation

Institutional real estate

Our experts draw on their knowledge and expertise to assist our French and foreign institutional clients throughout their various projects.

Property development and split sales

The implementation of real estate projects is one of our key areas of expertise

Banking and finance law

We act on behalf of financial institutions and borrowers, preparing all of the legal documents required to implement financing and arrange guarantees.

Commercial and company law

Thanks to our structure and our network of specialist contacts, we can also provide our clients with ongoing assistance in other areas of business that require specific technical skills.

Family law

Our family estate law department can advise and help you with major events in your life (family circumstances, organisation and transfer of property).

Private international law

It is important to carefully consider and handle cases involving foreign elements.

Real estate law and guarantees

We undertake to work to strict deadlines at every stage of our clients’ projects, to ensure the confidentiality of agreements and to prevent conflicts.

Real estate valuation and negotiation

We provide our clients with a global service in connection with the valuation and marketing of their property.


Urbanisme : une mairie peut-elle retirer un permis de construire ?

Lire la suite Même les permis de construire peuvent être retirés ! Une mairie peut en effet retirer l’autorisation qu’elle vous a donnée, mais en respectant certaines conditions. En tant que bénéficiaire du permis, vous pouvez vous aussi demander son annulation…

Le Club du Droit sur BFM Business : la protection

Samedi 6 juin à 18h dans l’émission ” Le Club du Droit ” sur BFM Business, les notaires de France vous donnent tous leurs conseils sur la protection. Lire la suite

Droits de succession : calcul, barème, simulateur, abattements

Lire la suite Les droits de succession sont à payer au moment de la transmission d’un patrimoine d’un défunt dans les six mois après sa mort. Selon la proximité familiale avec le défunt, des abattements s’appliquent et le conjoint marié ou pacsé est exonéré de tout frais…

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