“Helping our clients at important stages of their lives”
We can provide you with advice on family law and assist you at important stages of your life, including :
  • Your marriage, by drafting a marriage contract,
  • Transferring your assets to your relatives in the form of a gift, inter vivos distribution of your estate, inter vivos distribution of your estate to another generation, and the drafting of your will and authorisation to administer an estate,
  • Changes to your family circumstances, by drafting an adoption contract,
  • Your desire to protect your spouse, by changing your matrimonial property regime or the rules applicable to your marriage,
  • A separation, by drafting a divorce settlement,
  • Anticipating a potential incapacity by appointing a guardian/administrator and drafting a lasting power of attorney; and,
  • The death of a relative, by helping you to prepare an affidavit of heirship, a grant of probate, an estate declaration and a division agreement.